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School Council

The School Council is currently going through a period of change. At Riverside, we have been working hard to restructure our school council, and in the coming weeks, the pupils will be moving to form 'The Smart School Council', an inclusive and student-led school council which will further put students at the heart of the school.

Details of the current School System is detailed below. 

Each class from year one to year six elects two representatives to form the School Council. 

In the summer term, children in year one also become more actively involved.  Until then, older members of the School Council run the class council meetings in the younger classes.

The school council aims to:

  • Provide an opportunity for the pupils to understand and affect how the school is run
  • Give the pupils a voice where they can let staff know what they feel can be improved in the school
  • Identify solutions to any problems within the school

The School Council is run by the pupils and supported by Mrs Jones. The Council are very active within the school and meets regularly.

If there is anything that children want to be discussed in the School Council meeting, they must tell their class representative. 

The chair of the School Council chairs every meeting, and a minute taker is selected for each meeting.

Photographs of our School Council members and Chair are displayed on the board outside the hall.