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Attendance Matters

At Riverside, we value good attendance at school and work hard to support families and children by understanding the key drivers behind poor attendance and ensuring bespoke support is offered. 

Regular school attendance is essential to give your child the best opportunities in life.

Good attendance means a child is less likely to fall behind with their work and more likely to do well in exams.

As the Department for Education has shared, there is a link between absence and attainment at school. Therefore,  we put attendance at school as a key daily driver to ensure children have the opportunity to succeed. 

Department for Education - The link between absence and attainment 

Attendance percentage equates to the amount of school time missed


Attendance during one school year

Equivalent Days

Equivalent Sessions

Equivalent Weeks


9 Days

18 Sessions

2 weeks


19 Days

38 Sessions

4 Weeks


29 Days

58 Sessions

6 Weeks


38 Days

72 Sessions

8 Weeks


48 Days

96 Sessions

10 Weeks


57 Days

114 Sessions

11.5 Weeks


67 Days

134 Sessions

13.5 Weeks


Every Minute Matters

 If you child arrives late to school everyday, their learning begins to suffer.

Below is a graph showing how being late to school over a school year adds up to lost learning time.

How can Parents and Carers help to ensure good attendance at school: 

  • Send your child to school every day
  • Ensure child is arrives punctually
  • Ensure child know how important education is
  • Encourage your child and show an interest
  • Attend school open evenings and school events
  • Avoid taking family holidays during term time
  • Make sure your child gets a good night rest

Absences can hide problems that we could be sorting out together.

If your child is not wanting to attend school for any reason (feeling unwell etc) often is a sign that there is something worrying your child.

Even small issues can be massive worries or concerns to a child.  If your child behaviour changes or they are pretending to be sick or just wanting to make excuses to stay at home please consider if there is something worrying your child and speak to the school.

Further support 

  If you would like support with your child's attendance or punctuality, please contact the office and ask for Miss Davies or Mr Warley.